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Our team is ready to answer your questions. By the same token, we’d be happy to share more examples of Text-to-Church uses in churches we serve.  Contact us with any questions you have.

Why pay for texting service?

As you search for the right software and texting solution for your church, are you puzzled by the difference between free and paid texting services?  

With Churchteams, you can choose which method you use when sending texts. To help you understand the difference and which will best target your audience, we’ve put together this article in Church Executive. Check it out; we think you’ll like your options with Churchteams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Text-to-Church service is an additional $10 per month, which includes your first 500 outbound texts.  Additional outgoing text costs 2 cents each after that.  There is no charge for inbound and system-generated texts.  To clarify, keyword texts to give, register, check in, etc. which generate links the software sends out are all free. The system keeps track of and shows you the number of sent texts throughout the month. We’ll also display the cost to send any mass text before you send it. 

Other texting services like  Flocknote, Text in Church, and Tithe.ly messaging provide nice ways to communicate.  Some of these even include giving and the ability to create follow-up texting campaigns.  Churchteams Text-to-Church does all of this PLUS gives you direct interaction within the full church management database.  This means guests, members, leaders, volunteers, and staff can not only give, but also check in, see their serving schedule, manage their groups, track follow-up assignments, and more using Text-to-Church.

Flip phones can receive texts and reply, but since they do not have a browser all the functionality related to browser access is missing.

Yes. Church office landline numbers are the most commonly used because they allow the congregation to call or text a single phone number that they have stored in their phone contacts.  There is no additional cost for setting up or porting over your phone number.

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