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Is it even possible?”

You have seen the boom of useful software in church life. Different staff use different software they prefer to make ministry easier from their perspective. But now you have 3 to 5 or even more applications that have the same basic data on people.

You know you can link them together. But, the user experience of each is different. Plus, you don’t have the IT staff to manage multiple API systems.
You are not alone. We feel the same way. So, we focused on building “best of class” (which like technology is always changing) software rather than linking to third party applications. This enables us to refine and in some cases redefine how complex church management problems are solved. We are your one stop depository for people data. And it all looks and feels the same for your guests, attenders, leaders, volunteers and staff.


Executive Pastor needing Church Management Solutions


You may have promoted software applications heavily to your church trying to get them to create an account or download something. And 20% maybe even 40 or 50% did. But that’s a long way from 100% and as a result you know your data just isn’t that good. You don’t trust it because people aren’t accessing it consistently.

We understand. We learned the hard way. If the output you want from your data exceeds your input, then your upkeep of it becomes your downfall. So, input is as an important focus for software development as output.

We built our reputation as a small group software by solving the data input problem. The key? Go where your people already are. Have them do what they already do. Get into the stream of their normal software user-experience. Don’t ask them to do anything different than they already know. We call it responsive access and Text-To-Church.

What If You Built Your Own Church Management Software?

You would start with a white board and talk about your church vision, strategy, structure and the feedback you need. Then the problems you have to solve to get there and how technology can help.

That’s what we did and still do!

The result is that we don’t look like what you may already know and expect from Church Management Software. Think of the phone in your pocket. Is it what you thought a phone looked like in 2005?

We combine best ministry practices with latest technology to rediscover and refine the solutions to your real problems. We (co-founders) were a pastor for 18 years and a software architect for one of the most influential data management companies in the world.

So, we have the unique experience and team to pull this off. But more than that we listen to our pastor and admin friends so that we can constantly learn together how to excel at serving Jesus still more.





Wallace Prude - IT person testimonial for Churchteams

“Over the past twenty years, I’ve had the opportunity to oversee ministries and use my technology background to find and use some of the best Church Management Systems. At the end of the day, customer service is key to a good CMS along with a strong product road map. It’s important to know where the company is and where they are going with their technology. If you want a company that has innovation and a listening ear for your concerns, use Churchteams. You won’t be disappointed.”

— Pastor Wallace Prude, M.Div.
Director of Information Systems
The House of Hope Atlanta
Greg Bowman testimonial Churchteams Church Management Software

“Churchteams is the most innovative, effective, affordable church management software on the market. Their team is constantly updating and adding features that serve our church well – like their industry leading text-to-check for our Kids’ ministry. Their approach to data management allows me incredible flexibility to get specific data I need to measure ministry progress. With Churchteams it feels like we’ve added our own internal database team: they respond quickly, welcome our input, and help us problem solve. We’ve been with them for ten years and plan to be with them far into the future.”

—Greg Bowman
West Ridge Community Church, Elgin IL
Nick Forshee testimonial for Churchteams texting features and Church Management Software

“Churchteam’s revolutionary Text-to-Church feature has been a total game changer.  It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s on demand – no websites to navigate, no emails to find, no texts to scroll.  It has drastically reduced check-in times and greatly simplified group registrations.  Best of all it’s backed by industry-leading customer support.  If your ministry is not utilizing this new, powerful tool, you are missing out.”

—Nick Forshee
Harvest New Beginnings

A Team You Can Trust

Ever been frustrated with how slow a software company is to respond to your need for support? Maybe they don’t even provide a phone number but require everything be done by an email or submitting a ticket.

We understand the business case for scalability, but our goal is a relationship with our clients / friends. And relationships are built by basic human communication and trust. We want to be a trusted part of your team. We love technology but it is only a tool to help a far greater cause, fulfilling the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. We get that.

Technology is constantly evolving and we are far from perfect. If there is something we can’t do or a better way to do something, we want you to talk with us about it. Then we’ll consider it and combine insights to make software that further glorifies the Christ we serve.

Executive pastor after finding Churchteams Church Management Software solution

Here’s what’s included …

We’re here to bring all your people data into one application. Everything is included, so there are no other modules to buy. This streamlines the software making it more user friendly. And also more affordable.

  • CT Membership – Complete Member Management
  • CT Volunteers – Volunteer Management
  • CT Check-In – Complete Children Check-in Management
  • CT Registration – Events Management
  • CT Groups – Complete Groups Management
  • CT Communication – Email and Text Management
  • CT Giving – Complete Donation Management


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So, What’s Next?

You’ve already seen the Start the Free Trial buttons. Now you’re ready. That is your next step!

To help you get the most from your trial, co-founder, Boyd Pelley, hosts live Meet The Software and Text-To-Church webinars to give you a personal feel for the software.

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Also, during your free trial, you have the option to take advantage of a 21 step Meet The Software sequence. Each one takes just a few minutes to review and try.

Spoiler alert: There are some prizes hidden in the process you will enjoy. It’s more personal that way.

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and watch the introduction video.
We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Fully functional software and no usage limits!

Start yourFREE TRIAL!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and watch the training video.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Happy Executive pastor and church office administrator


Most questions are addressed in the setup and support section of Churchteams and elsewhere on our helpdesk. Here are the typical questions we get from people who are considering Churchteams free trial

No. You are subscribing for a service, not purchasing a product. The benefit of that is that you have the latest features, even minor tweaks, the minute they are released. This access and ease of use is the beauty of web-based software!

Absolutely! Protecting your personal information through online security is an absolute priority. We use Extended Validation SSL/TLS certificates and encryption which protects everyone accessing Churchteams. There are different security levels in the application you can manage and customize for limiting accessibility of personal and group data according to responsibility of individuals within your church. We have a bunch more information if you really want to geek out – Security Info.

Churchteams does not require a contract. The setup fee helps cover initial expenses related to sales and on-boarding support. We are confident that our excellent software and support is enough to earn and keep your business.

Call, text or email anytime.  We even monitor these on nights and weekends in case of emergencies! Matthew 7:12, the Golden Rule, has always steered our #1 priority of excellent service. Our support team is made up of people just like you, pastors and admins who’ve used Churchteams while on church staff.  We get it.

We really do want what’s best for you. If there is another software that better serves your needs, we will show you how and even help you export your information into CSV files that can be used anywhere. No penalty. Just an example of our Matthew 7:12 philosophy.

No. Churchteams is completely web-based. Even label printers for check-in won’t require special software. Churchteams is optimized for use on any device. Much easier than downloading an app with the additional benefit of retaining full functionality of the software and consistency across all devices and computers!

Your data is your data. Marketing companies would love access to the data in your church database, especially if it were centralized as data owned by a single company. Again, Matthew 7:12, we would never want anyone else owning or accessing our church data and we are pretty sure you wouldn’t either.

During the setup process, we have documentation that helps you export your data from whatever data source(s) you have. You then send us those CSV/Excel files and we import them for you – often within a day or two depending on volume and complexity of your data. We’ve developed tools to help clean up and merge data from different sources so that you can finally get all your people data in one place!

We built export options right into our reporting system so that you can easily export or backup your data yourself anytime you want with just a few clicks. We’ll be glad to show you how.  Of course we do daily and hourly system backups to protect all of your information as well.

We understand that we aren’t for everyone. We ask you to take advantage of our on-boarding and training so that you can give the software an honest try. We’ll do everything we can to help you. But, if you are not satisfied, even after a few months, just email, call or text us and we will be glad to help you export your data and close your account. If you’ve paid for six months or a year, we’ll even refund any unused quarters. You simply cannot lose.

Great! Just import the people that relate to that feature into Churchteams. Even though you have access to all the features, you don’t have to use them. Most churches will have less than 2,000 people for any one feature, so will be able to take advantage of the lowest level pricing which is comparable to the price of most other system’s modules or single feature products anyway.
I’m a church plant or really small church, do you have a program to support or help us?
You guys, this is about ministry first and foremost. If you feel like Churchteams is the tool for you, but you just can’t afford it, send us an email or give us a call/text and we’ll talk. – (817) 405-9750.