Our system is loaded with features to help keep kids safe and track attendance, but the best part is the choice of checking in through our app, a text, or at a kiosk.

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Safely check in with our app, a text, or at a kiosk,
register guests and track attendance.

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What about volunteers?

Great church software that looks to keep children safe should also have have a way to track background information about volunteers.  With Churchteams, you’ll be able to create custom fields on member records for storing the background check your church wants to collect and control who is able to see that data.  If you don’t already have a background check service, we partner with Protect My Ministry and offer integration in which you can request checks right from your Churchteams software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Securely checking children in requires at least one label printer and perhaps many depending on the number of kids being checked in at any given service.  Label printers are connected to a computer, laptop, or tablet.  We can help you make your check-in as minimal as a table with a wireless label printer to as expansive as you want with kiosks.  Check-in through Text-to-Church is quickly becoming a favorite.

Yes.  We call this All Check, which allows you to check every family member into the appropriate class, worship, or volunteer team.  Name tags and security labels can be printed as needed.  With Text-to-Church, parents get a texted code that matches their child’s security tags and takes them to a digital bulletin to use during the service.

Yes.  We have used text as the primary way to contact parents if needed for many years.  Texting replaces the need to hand out pagers or put numbers up on a screen.

Yes. One of the advantages of fully integrated software is that the registration feature is used to check in parents when they attend for the first time. The registration can be used to drop the family into a workflow to automate a welcome / assurance text to parents 10 minutes (you choose the time frame) after they drop off their kid—an excellent tool for hospitality.

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