Use our church check-in software system to keep kids safe, track attendance and make data entry more efficient. Mobilize check-in by getting over 50% of your regular attenders using Text-To-Check-In.

The number one question parents ask when they bring their kids to church is, “Will my kids be safe?” Give them the confidence they need to feel great about returning to your church with our award-winning child check-in system. That peace of mind helps parents focus on worship, adult connections and personal growth.

Imagine a couple about to enter the parking lot texting the word CHECK to receive a link to check their family in. When they walk into the building, a host hands them their security tags.

Safe, Secure, Simple

Families check in and print their parent label with a unique number that matches the number on their child’s name tag. These can be customized to include allergies, parent mobile phone numbers, and anything else. If needed, parents can be paged by sending a text or by displaying the security number.

Track Attendance for the Whole Family

Set up check-in kiosks with keyboards, barcode scanners, and label printer; or go mobile and check-in using tablets or phones. Check the whole family into everything they do including youth, worship and serving. Get security tags, simple name tags or no tags at all. Get real-time reports with a simple click.

Automate Guest Follow-Up

The church check-in system is the best place to capture information on guests or visitors. We help you automate follow-up related data entry including enrollment in a workflow that you customize. We help you make sure no one falls through the cracks.


The same number used for text-to-give and text-to-register can also be used by regular attenders to text the keyword CHECK or CHECK-IN. Parents will get a link back that allows them to check themselves and their children in and prints everyone’s name tags. No waiting in lines to check in. Young parents love this!

Advanced Features

Do you have to open and close rooms based on class numbers? What about tracking kids who sometimes come with a family other than their own? Want special notes on the name tags? We can help you do that.



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