Take email and texting to the next level by aligning and tracking the effectiveness of your communication strategy with built-in marketing tools.


You’ve spent a ton of time and effort building a website that draws people and informs attenders. Class or event registration settings and LinkBuilder give you links to attach or code to embed opportunities for people to respond directly into your database. Communication is two-way. Let us help you connect people.

Email Marketing

The church is learning from businesses how to get way more out of email. Instead of linking to a third-party app, let us help you understand email recipients’ behavior and develop campaigns that include:

  • Custom templates for consistent branding
  • Lists for recipients to subscribe to what interests them
  • Filters to target emails by any group or member demographic
  • Scheduling emails to be sent at an optimal time
  • History or analytics to discover deliverability and open rates
  • Workflow to create a follow-up communication schedule


We added a carrier lookup utility that allows us to send texts as emails without the church or person having to enter their carrier. This gives you far greater bandwidth for sending out texts without additional expense. Plus, it allows you to take advantage of all the email marketing features (above) except custom templates.


Unlike a text that is initiated from within the database, this feature allows people to use texting to interface directly with the database. You may have heard of text-initiated giving. By building our own utility for text giving as a full ChMS, we are able to use texting to empower your people to send a text to:

  • Give
  • Register for any class or event
  • Mark attendance
  • Check in
  • See follow-up assignments, volunteer schedules, meeting RSVPs, groups, member info and directory, plus log in and link to anywhere you choose)


Imagine your custom, local 10-digit phone on a screen or bulletin with a keyword to give or register for anything. Talk about mobilizing your church!

Social Media

Interface your database with any social media presence using the same links that you would use on your website, in an email or by texting.


Rather than separate products for Google or Apple, Churchteams is optimized for use on mobile. That means you have full access to all features on any device. Key leaders, staff and pastors save a shortcut on their device, giving them ready access to everything they need. Guests and members who are least likely to download an app simply text a keyword to respond. You will spend far less time promoting an app and far more time getting responses from people using a tool they already know and use.



Try out all of Churchteams’ features, including Text-To-Church™ for 30 days, completely FREE.

Mind-Blowing Email Editor & Workflow

The email templates coupled with the workflow capabilities is MIND-BLOWING! I am a solo-pastor with a ton of things to do. The ability to automate follow up and communications processes has allowed me to achieve a new level of efficiency without hiring staff. … Jonathon Alsdorf, Pastor in Durango, CO


Download our Churchteams capabilities guide and learn how you can mobilize your church and equip God’s people more easily.