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Groups are used to organize and track people, tasks, and payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you opt to, Churchteams will email a link for taking attendance to a leader on the meeting date. The report also includes options for leaders to share notes, guests, and prayer requests.

Yes. The meeting reports allow leaders to share notes, prayer requests, and other information with other members of the group or church staff. 

You can customize the layout in the software to turn any view into a dashboard for tracking things like team roles, notes, checklists, and payments. Mission team members can also use the donation feature to raise funds. Volunteer schedules can also be managed here.  

We provide customizable, attractive attendance charts and reports to show trends and comparisons. In addition, our attendance reports are structured to help you see the relative consistency of people within a ministry. We’ve discovered this is a valuable indicator of discipleship and overall health. There are several other report options, including one for spotting people who have been absent, for example.

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