Hear from 100% of your small groups every week. Use groups to connect, communicate, coach and disciple. For community, missions and multi-campus.

Mobilize Connection with GroupFinder

Integrate Groupfinder into your website, emails, texts, app or other communication to connect people to groups based on their availability, geography, lifestage or interests.

Our solution is so compelling, people use it for every kind of small group imaginable: Home, Cell, Fellowship, Missional, Free market, Men’s, Women’s, Sunday School, Bible study, Discipleship and more.


Remove staff as the bottleneck by empowering people to email group leaders or register for a group directly (options).  Copies of these emails are sent to coaches and staff to keep them in the loop.

Mobilize Communication with Report Reminder

On the day a group meets, leaders automatically receive an email with a link in it to report / communicate to their group, coach and pastor. Members use the email as an activity reminder and prayer list. No one has to download or login to anything. Easy.

Pastors and staff use this report to pray and care for their groups. By replying, they can encourage their leaders or the whole group. Shepherding groups at a new level.

Mobilize Coaching with Health Reports

Our revolutionary, monthly group health report helps you view and measure group health at three levels:

  • Lead team (30,000 feet) – health of individual ministries (bar/line graphs)
  • Directional team (5,000 feet) – health of individual groups (red, yellow, blue highlights)
  • Coaching team (Ground level) – health of individuals (Click group name to pull up report.)


Join the small group webinar to learn how to successfully measure group health.

Mobilize Discipleship with GrowthFinder

Health reports provide an objective view of groups. GrowthFinder provides the subjective view. Use the default assessment (character, knowledge, perspective and skills) or customize it to fit your unique vision and values.

Group or church members click a link from an email to take the assessment and personalize the results. Tabulated results are great for planning group curriculum and sermon series.

Mobilize For Missions

Manage all your mission teams using the same system as your small groups and events.  Recruit.  Communicate.  Track assignments.  Raise funds.  Gather and share prayer requests.

Mobilize For Multi-Site

Add an attribute to track members or a group profile question to track groups, events and teams for multiple campuses. Use these as filters for communication and reports. If a campus spins off as a church plant, the data and teams are easily transferred to a new account.



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