Simple, accessible, secure and powerful because people matter.


People matter to God, and we know they matter to you. We will help you shepherd and care for those that come to your church so nobody gets lost or left behind. You’ll be able to see their profile and family information, contact notes, volunteer assignments, and all groups, classes, projects and events they are involved in. Use workflows to map out, automate and personalize communication and contact expectations. Use reports to see how well you’re doing on important areas like assimilation. Did you know a healthy church has 5 visitors per 100 regular attenders? Churchteams church management software can help you keep in touch with both.


A church management software so simple — people will actually use it. Our intuitive interface is easy to learn and easy to use. Custom fields are easy to create so you can gather the info you want.

Mobilize your people to keep up their own data with responsive access to their profile from emails, texts, or by Text-To-ChurchTM.


Church data is only helpful if you can access it when you need it, where you need it.

Every ministry and group use the same database; no scattered, siloed data.

Fully optimized for mobile. Just save a link as an app on your home screen.

Text-To-ChurchTM provides guests, members, volunteers and leaders access to everything they need with a simple text.


Security has to be a top concern for any technology company and especially in ministry. That’s why our servers are hosted and monitored by the best in the business.

  • 9 levels of access so every user sees only what you want them to see.
  • SSL/TLS certificates and encryption
  • Hosted by MS Azure.
  • Backups incrementally, daily and weekly, and copied off-site.
  • Read the Security section of Terms and Conditions for technical details.


At the end of the day, all your data input is for one thing…output! We provide you with feedback on the health of your ministry strategy and structure. We help your leadership get the answers they need to questions that help evaluate the effectiveness of ministry.

Questions like:

  • How does giving YTD compare to last year?
  • Which groups are healthy and which are at risk?
  • Who gave for the first time last month?
  • What trends do we see in worship attendance?
  • Can we see a map of all members?



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