Online Giving &
CHURCH Donor Management

Mobilize stewardship and increase giving by 10-15% with these best practices. Save up to 30% on online giving transaction fees.

We asked consultant friends about best practices of churches doing a great job in stewardship development. Here are several things that we heard and built into our software to help you in this vital area:

  • Thank first time donors.
  • Follow-up with people who’ve stopped giving.
  • Communicate with donors by sending statements quarterly.
  • Provide easy to use online giving.


Whether your church is new to online giving or looking for a more economical solution, Churchteams is the answer. We make online giving simple and convenient for your people and cost-effective for your church.

Churchteams Online Giving is the ideal solution for receiving and recording:

  • Tithes and offerings
  • Giving campaigns
  • Pledge drives
  • Missions giving
  • Youth events and activities
  • Class, seminar, retreat registration
  • All-church events
  • Church camp

Few people carry checkbooks or much cash anymore. Guests, regular attenders and members just click a link or send a text to give. Ideal for today’s economy.

Giving Is Simple and Convenient

Your members and attendees will thank you for offering online giving! They will love the convenience of Churchteams Online Giving. They just enter their name, email address and financial institution info (credit, debit or ACH). Making a first-time online gift takes less than a minute and mere seconds after that.

  • Donors give from a link on your church’s website, social media, emails, newsletters, or by texting your church’s Text-to-Church phone number.
  • Donations and payments can be made from any smartphone or Internet-connected device.
  • Donations and payments can be made at any time on any day.

Financial Recording Is Simple and Convenient

Great church software is built to streamline processes and save staff and volunteer time. Your financial team will appreciate these features.

  • Online donations are recorded instantly.
  • Checks and cash are easily inputted manually or by scanning.
  • Complements remote capture deposit offered by banks.

Automatic Recurring Gifts

Churchteams Online Giving enables givers to set up automatic recurring donations. Recurring gifts help your people be more consistent and make your church income more steady and reliable. Beat the seasonal slumps that always cause a painful decline in church income!

Online Giving Is Cost Effective

Most churches using other services pay big processing fees, but Churchteams provides wholesale pricing to our subscribers. Many churches report that they have saved more than the cost of their Churchteams subscription by making the switch to Churchteams.

Is Online Giving Safe?

When churches first started using online giving in the late 1990s, some churchgoers were concerned about the security of their financial data. Today online giving is commonplace, just as online shopping has become the new normal. Online giving is just as safe as any other credit card transaction. All credit card and bank account information is encrypted for maximum security.

Let Us Answer Your Questions

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