Mobilize people by simplifying the entire registration process. Capture responses, register for events, take payments, promote on social media and automate follow-up.

No More Logging In to Register

Attendees register by filling out a form on your website, or in your emails, text or social media. The system uses intelligent algorithms to find and register them if they’re in the database or add them if not. Text-to-register recognizes them based on their phone number and fills out the form for them.

Customizable Registration Forms

Capture unique information you need for different events such as waivers for youth camp or who can pick a child up from VBS. Customize the email confirmation sent to attendees as a way to share more information about the event.

Integrated & Secure Payments

If required, registrants go right from the registration form to a payment form. Regular donors can save their account or credit card information and access it to make payments for registrations with one click. Customize registration payments any way you want including things like down payments for Youth Camp.

Other Registration Features

Website Integrations

Expand the functionality of your website. Move it from a brochure telling about your church to a call to action with an opportunity to respond. Add database connected links or embed forms of any type throughout your website. Works for anything from a simple sign up for a class to a complex registration for a camp requiring waivers and multiple payment options, and so much more.

Click here to see examples of ways you can set up registration for your church. Check out the Conference Volunteer link to see how “Spots” works for recruiting.

Dashboard Management

As people register for your event or class, all their information is captured and presented to you as a single dashboard. Collect and report on any information you need, like number of T-shirts and their sizes. Take online or offline payments and register them here. There’s even an option to send payment reminders


The fastest, most user-friendly way to register for an event or class. Let users text a keyword customized for the class/event. Include this keyword in all promotional material so people can register right from their smart phone.

Prayer and Childcare

Many adult events also require childcare, and response forms like online connection cards often need an option for prayer requests. Registration settings for any class, event or response form includes options to determine what happens after people register and pay. These include registration for childcare, registering a prayer request, and redirecting to any website you choose.

Email, Text and Social Media

Grab the registration link for your class or event and put it anywhere. Shorten it for use in texting or social media. Hyperlink it in an email. Let people respond in whatever way is most convenient for them.

Automation Based on Responses

Use automated group enrollment to initiate a workflow based on the response a registrant chooses. For instance, if they choose a response on an electronic connection card that this was their first visit, automate the system to send them a personalized email and prompt a staff member to call them, then wait 5 days and send a personalized text inviting them to visit again this weekend.



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