Use forms for event registration, collecting or updating information, and accepting payments.

Registrations - text to register form

Customize forms, manage events, and initiate follow-ups from leadership.

Churchteams Registration Forms Settings Interface

Customize forms

Make sign-up easy

Churchteams Registration though a cell phone text

Manage information

Initiate follow-up

First Time Guest Workflow Interface

Frequently Asked Questions

No, they do not. Churchteams forms are linked or embedded to a church website, app, or social media. When people enter their information the system finds them if they’re in the database or adds them if they’re not before registering them. When using Text-to-Church for registration, the database recognizes the phone number and even pre-fills the form. No hassle of resetting a forgotten password to complete a form.

Yes.  There are many options to create registrations.  Payment options can include promo codes, variable costs, deposits, required payments, and more.  Our team is glad to work with you to optimize these and other options and best practices to fit your needs.  

Yes. Digital connection cards allow churches to get responses from people attending live or streaming worship services. Information is immediately entered into the database. Besides alleviating the need for manual data entry, digital cards allow for automated follow-up.  

Yes. Our workflow feature can be used with a registration to create a series of follow-up actions.  The actions include communication with email and text templates.  They can also include administrative actions like task assignments, record updates, and adding or removing people from groups.  The possibilities of workflows to help with the processes of evangelism, assimilation, and discipleship are unlimited.

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