Support every gathering or initiative in church life using Groups. Help people find the right group, monitor a group’s health, coach a group and of course communicate.


Customizable, easy to use, always up-to-date, secure and proven effective. GroupFinder helps people connect with other people in the groups they want, faster and easier.

Group Health Reports

Do you know everything you need about your groups health every month? See trends over time so you can make changes as needed. One click access drills down to see what’s happening in each group or team.

Coaching and Serving Tools

Customize and clarify your organizational structure during setup. Push-out emails, remind coaches to contact leaders. Monthly coaching reports summarize and evaluate coaching.

Connecting People

People want to connect with other people at church. But that can be difficult if they can only fill out a card or come to an event. Why not add an online option that allows them to connect directly with the leaders of the groups or ministries they are interested in? Groups helps you broaden your funnel for connection.


Volunteers have to communicate with the groups / teams they lead. It’s a hassle for them to collect and create their own communication system. With Groups they are one click from an email solution that’s “no training necessary” easy!


“Would NOT do ministry without it! We started with just using it for small groups and now our church uses it for youth ministry, events, child check in and contributions. Love It! Ease of use for small group facilitators, connection with all of our groups and the incredible customer service. They provide a safe and solid platform for our event sign ups and payments. Also love the way it integrates with our current website. Use it, Churchteams is wonderful!”

—John Presko
Small Groups and Involvement Minister
Northside Christian Church


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