Mobilize people by simplifying the entire registration process. Manage events, take payments and promote using social media.

No More Logging In And Registering

Remove the hassle of requiring attendees to register or log in by using forms and database integration. Expand the use of texting allowing people to text-to-register.

Customizable Event Management

Capture information you need as people register such as the number of T-shirts needed based on size. Customize the email responses sent to attendees to share more information about the event.

Integrated & Secure Payments

Capture the information you need to receive payments for the event or other things associated with it such as childcare, materials and swag.

Website Integration Examples

Click here to see all the ways you can setup registration for your church.

People Don’t Want to Login

Average church attenders don’t want to login to volunteer or register for anything. If they have to create an account, they dread using the system. Many churches disconnected their database from their website in favor of more user-friendly forms. Registration brings the best aspects of simple forms and database integration together.

Dashboard Management

As people register for your event or class, all their information is captured and presented to you as a single dashboard. Collect and report on any information you need, like number of T-shirts and their sizes. Take online or offline payments and register them here.


The fastest, most user friendly way to setup an event or class. Let users text the church and automatically send them the registration form right to their smart phone.

Payments and Childcare

Why not take care of everything related to preparing for any class or event including taking payments and registering for childcare? Our Registration Settings page gives you full control to capture whatever information you need to have a great event.

More Information Please

Don’t just use it to register people for classes and events. Use registration to provide more information. Our customizable response email allows you to give people the information they want immediately and record their inquiry.

Email, Text and Social Media

Grab the registration link for your class or event and put it anywhere. Shorten it for use in texting or social media. Hyperlink it in an email. Let people respond in whatever way is most convenient for them.


“Churchteams is a great asset to our church, I love the ease and functionality! We use Churchteams for all our church attendance tracking, ministry teams, small groups, children’s check in, and event registrations. They make it simple for our ministry leaders to access information, and the email and texting features are a definite plus.”

—Kris Falkner
Freedom Christian Center


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