Website Integration Examples

Pop-Up Forms & Shareable Links

A registration form can be added on to any existing group, class, or event in your database.  

First create the group – this will be used as the dashboard where all your form data is collected. Next add the registration form settings.  A unique link or pop-up form code is created for that form and can be posted or shared anywhere!

Pop-Up Form & Shareable Link Examples

Youth Camp - Pop-up form for adult & student registration
Marriage Seminar - Pop-up form with payment & promo code: Staff
Volunteer Sign-Up - Registration link with limited spots
Prepare to Visit - Link for Pre-Registration
New Community - Plan a Visit - Registration includes photo release and additional adult pick-up authorization

Groupfinder & Sign-Ups

When your Groups are properly set up with Profiles you can easily create custom Groupfinder  Links. These links allow members and guests to find the right group based on search filters and preferences. Post these links on your church website or social media.

       Many churches also create and post registration forms where guests can simply indicate their interests and staff are able to match them with the right group.    

Groupfinder & Sign-Up Link Examples

My Church - Groupfinder link w/ group regristration & leader contact
Central Baptist Church - Groups page with Interest Form & Groupfinder (scroll down on page for buttons)
A New Community - Groups page with search filters
Find a Group - Sample Interest Pop-Up Form
My Church - Mapped Groups
Groupfinder Map - Churchteams Church Management Software

Member Access

Churchteams member page
Give Online - Pop-up form for Online Giving
Directory Link - Search Only (member)

Create a QR Code to easily share Groupfinder

DEMO Text-to-Church

Groupfinder is the Churchteams website integration tool
that allows people to find the perfect place to connect.