Workflows give you confidence that people are contacted and
well cared for. Automated reports will save you time, maintain the database, and keep leadership in the know.

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Churchteams automation saves you time & keeps leadership in the know.

Focus on people, not tasks

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Inform Staff & Leaders

Keep your data clean

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Preschool Parent class discussion follow up text sent automatically after class

Use with any ministry

Although we think of workflow communications as being targeted to adults, they serve a purpose in Children’s Ministry too. One of our church partners set up workflows to send a text to parents of any child attending on Sunday morning chiefly to share talking points from the day’s lesson. This not only provides conversation for the car ride home but also throughout the week. 

We partnered with this church to contribute to Church Executive by showing you the creative ways they use automation. Read more here…

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  The metrics card on the home page allows each pastor and staff to choose the line graphs and pie charts they need to track their ministry.  These are updated weekly.

Yes. Not only can you save reports you use regularly, but you can also schedule reports to run automatically. Because our reports both deliver data and perform actions within the database, being able to automate these is a bonus.

Yes.  Scheduled reports can be used to automatically update member information or add people to groups or workflows.  An example is a “1st visit” field being updated when someone chooses that response on a digital connection card.

Yes. The long-term value of collecting data is using it to track discipleship and pastoral care. For example, a family that previously donated regularly but hasn’t for three months may be in a financial crisis or moving. Automated reports can detect a disruption from the prior pattern based on filters you set. The report can update member fields or communicate directly with appropriate pastoral staff for attention.   


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