Automate some of those important but repetitious communication and follow-up tasks.

Every pastor wants to know that people are followed up and cared for well. Not most of the time. All of the time. 100%. Too often systems allow people to fall through the cracks. That’s why we developed Workflow Automation.

We’ll help you identify and map current and desired workflows. Then resource and build them into the software. So that you can launch personalized automation.

Church Management Work Complete

Build your Workflow using these resources.


At check-in a visiting family enters their information. In less than ten minutes mom and dad receive a very re-assuring text.

In the program or on the screen guests and members are encouraged to text CONNECT to (817) 677-9850. They receive a link to an electronic connection card identical to the paper one. They register for the pastor’s two week devotional text related to the Faith series he launched today. Immediately they get a personalized email confirmation.

Church Childcare Software w/ Text-to-Church


Admin staff use the efficient data entry system that launches workflows as people are added to the database or put into classes, events or other types of groups. Saves many hours of admin time.

Julie and John get emails (or texts) thanking them for visiting and asking for feedback on childcare.

Everyone who registered gets a devotional text as part of the 3 week Faith Series.

Volunteers receive text reminders they are scheduled to serve next Sunday.

Church Management Workflow Automation


Volunteers receive a reminder that they serve tomorrow along with time and location.

John and Julie both get texts inviting them them to tomorrow’s worship service.

Faith series registrants get devotional 6/14.

Texting Scripture in Church

A Week Later (Saturday)

Volunteers get their reminders.

Faith series registrants get devotional 13/14.

John and Julie came back a second time the previous Sunday. They marked it was their 2nd time on the connection card which put them in the 2nd timers workflow. This updated their record and unenrolled them from the first timers workflow.

IPAD Church Management App Software

A Month Later (Saturday)

Volunteers get their reminders.

John and Julie registered for DISCOVER and get a reminder that the class is tomorrow.

Bill and Barb filled out the Plan Our Visit form on the website on Wednesday and receive this automated text.

Church Management and Outreach w/ Text-to-Church Software



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